Welcome to Our Guesthouse Engels

Welcome To Our Guesthouse

Welcome To Our Guesthouse is een artist-in-residence program in which the Productie huis Rotterdam (TR) puts its house completely at the service of makers for five weeks. We were allowed to tackle “the house” in terms of interior. With the guestion, a bit vintage, living room-like. In order to not onley litarally make the vintage attributes come back, we did this in the form of illuminated boxes with stickers on them. Old fruit boxes, with perspex and a black vintage silhouettes of different objects.  Such as silhouettes of coffee and wine glasses at the bar and a ticket of certificate at the entrance. In the kitchen, silhouettes of vegetables and in the living room, images of domestic things, such as an alarm clock and lamps. In this way, these images immediately acted as a “signing”where you needed to be. To give the luminous blocks something to hold on to, we worked with a modular cabinet system. Beam-fram-cabinets that we could connet to each other. This is repeated throughout the space and ensures that te living room gets a kind of protection around it, so that you can stay in a comportable way.




Jaar: 2017
Materiaal: Fruitkistjes

Villa Zebra