Villa Zebra ZEE Engels

Villa Zebra
Exhibion The SEA

2020 became the year with the theme “SEA” for the Exhibition on the 2nd floor in Villa Zebra.Because the exhibition had to be corona-proof, the walking route was decisive this year, with the exit at the rear and with the note that visitors clearly use one walking direction. When you enter the exhibition, you have to make an effort before you are rewarded with a view over the sea. Just like on the real stand, climb first then view. Once you are on the beach, you will be playfully steered towards the rip current, where you only have to surrender to the current, towards the shallow light blue water.Everything in the exhibition follows the theme from beach, shallow, to deep in the sea. The artists are categorized by theme from beach to shallow sea. The exhibition starts in light beige sand colors and slowly changes from light blue, to medium blue and finally very dark blue/black. It also gets darker at the end of the exhibition in terms of lighting.The exhibition waves that we have made from transparent corrugated sheets are also becoming darker, because the scaffolding cloth that is in them also discolours. The waves get higher and higher the deeper you go. This gives the visitor the feeling of getting deeper and deeper under water. The waves are an important element in the exhibition and ensure, among other things, that visitors are guided in orbit towards the dark deep sea.


Year: Spring 2020
Materials: reused carpet, scaffolding cloth

Villa Zebra