Sustainable Restaurant “Buurt kantine de Ooievaar”

A sustainable restaurant/neighborhood cafĂ©, with the objective of an interior made from acquired discarded material as much as possible from the IJsselmonde area. And also a lot of living green, both inside and outside. The rerrace serves as a backyard for the residents. The lamps are made from old cow’s milk cisterns, tables from cover paltes with a print on them, acoustics and sitting area are made from moving-blakets and the bar from old panel doors. There is also a large reading table, the beams used from this are devised with a stamp every 10 cm. Originally from America and has been inspected in this way that there are now worms in it. Old scissors lamps at the reading table can still be posisitioned from easy reading. On the terrace there are folding pallets planters with parly edible greenery, or plants that attract bees and butterflies. The rerrace is arranged in such a way that it is wheelchair-friendly, but that intimate cornares are also created. The terrace table tops are mode from old billboards with images of natuer on them.

Year: June 2014
Location: Hollandse tuin 304, IJsselmonde
Materials: Old panel doors, cow’s milk cisters, cover plates, moving-blankets, billboards

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