Rust in de Reuring

Green Modulair Furniture

Nine objects together form a whole, a furniture style, in which green – tiny forest – is an important part.The design is about rest and is translated by means of repetitive movements and patterns. A slatted pattern that shows itself again and again in a different shape, but together they convey one message: take a moment for a moment of rest.Which sitting position and the accompanying view provide for “rest” is slightly different for everyone. Sit, lie, recline or sit up straight, it’s all possible. In a playful way you can observe the surroundings of the Groene Hilledijk from this building.You are playfully challenged to let your attention slow down for a moment and to record the environment in a framed manner. The construction has had to endure, as the first pilot was hit by vandalism (curfew riots) in January 2021.In the summer of 2021 we were allowed to make another attempt. The Groene Hilledijk used to be an uncanny place, but with an important social function, where residents meet each other.This place is the first pilot of the Rust in de Reuring concept, how do you create a place of tranquility in the middle of the bustle of the busy city? In addition to the design, the plants also play an important role, because who doesn’t calm down with nature?Under the big trees it’s like a forest. The plants are carefully selected for durability (plants without pesticides) that thrive well in (semi) shade and give flowers all season long, for the local residents, but also for the bees.

Year: Summer 2021
Location: Groene Hilledijk
Client: Rust in de Reuring
(translation: peace in the commotion)

Rust in de reuring